Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!! art
I finally completed my illustrated version of the twelve days of Christmas! The project got a bit out of hand with all the detail work….but at least I was able to get it finished before Christmas! Click on main image to get a close up look at the illustration. Have a very happy holiday!! Merry Christmas!! art
Here are some close-ups…

Merry Christmas!! art
Merry Christmas!! art
Merry Christmas!! art
Merry Christmas!! art

12 Drummers drumming

12 Drummers drumming art

11 Pipers piping

11 Pipers piping art

Tori Amos’ American Doll Posse

Tori Amos American Doll Posse art

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Sunday night was the Tori Amos American Doll Posse concert. It was AMAZING!!!!!!!! Tori was SPECTACULAR, as usual! Tori Amos American Doll Posse art
The show was at the new Nokia theater downtown. For the tour she has been opening as different ADP personalities….I was so curious as to who she would be Sunday….turned out to be Isabel, Pip, and of course Tori. She opened with “Yo George” and it was amazing from there forward. Her energy was overwhelming…and it changed each time she transformed into different characters….when she came out as Pip in black spandex the entire mood of the show shifted away from the mellow, cool, and politically-charged persona of Isabel, to Pip’s angry, aggressive, and daring rocker-girl persona.
Tori Amos American Doll Posse art
Our seats were in the front and dead center, so that was fantastic! She actually played a lot of older music which was incredible because the last couple tours I’ve been to haven’t done too much of that. Her personality was also completely different–last time for the Beekeeper tour she was chatty, glamorous and feminine…this time she was strong, rockin’ out and intellectual. She just played solid sets…for 2.5 hours! It was absolutely incredible, not that I expect anything less from Tori Amos. I didn’t bring my camera, but I was able to grab some cell phone pictures off from the concert.
Tori Amos American Doll Posse art
Tori Amos American Doll Posse art
Tori Amos American Doll Posse art

10 Lords a-leaping

10 Lords a leaping art

9 Ladies dancing

9 Ladies dancing art

8 Maids a-milking

8 Maids a milking art

7 Swans a-swimming

7 Swans a swimming art

6 Geese a-laying

6 Geese a laying art

Featured Artist in Kartika Review

Featured Artist in Kartika Review art
I was recently contacted by Kartika Review to be a featured artist for
their magazine’s inaugural December issue. They’ve included six of my
paintings, my artist statement and my artist’s biography in their winter
issue! Check it out by visiting their website:

4 Calling Birds

4 Calling Birds art

3 French Hens

3 French Hens art

3 French Hens art