Pet Peeves, served with Sushi

Pet Peeves, served with Sushi art
I know this is a little late, but I finally got it done!

An illustration about Pet Peeves, for illustration Friday. This is one of my biggest pet peeves–people droning on and on without a care if the listener is bored! Media: Colored Pencil & Pen on Paper

(text reads: “And the story droned on and on and on all around her, for quite a significant amount of time. But thankfully all was quiet in the tiny space around her head. And in this space she could think, and dream, and wait out the blizzard of endless babble disguised in the form of words and sentences, forming truly mindless chatter.”)

Pet Peeves, served with Sushi art

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  1. San wrote:

    love the way you executed this with the words swirling all over but having no effect on the other person except for annoying them! :)