Coldplay rocked the Forum!

Coldplay rocked the Forum! art

Photo by Coldplay.

Coldplay opened their tour for Viva la Vida last night in LA and the show was awesome!! Chris Martin has a great concert persona—he’s a fiery ball of energy, and he dances like a total spaz…so much so that he was audibly out of breath during several of his songs. He predicted at the start of the show, “I can tell this is gonna be a good one,” and it unmistakably was…especially when he announced that the band was bored of being up on stage, and they all ran out deep into the audience and climbed the stairs way up into the crowd.

People went absolutely wild….and, unbelievably, here comes Coldplay, trekking up right next to our seats in such a HUGE theater—what are the chances?!!!!! They chose a spot right near me, and it was so close I could see the sweat on Chris Martin’s face as he sang “Yellow”!!! Completely amazing.

There were bulbous big screens hanging from the ceiling that showed optically tweaked live video, and glittery butterflies dropped from the ceiling during the last song, “Lovers in Japan” as scenes of Osaka–streets I used to walk though, right near where I lived (couldn’t believe it!!)–flashed behind the band. I was dancing like mad all night…I had really been wanting to see Coldplay live for such a long time and their funky energy was contagious.

I’m loving Viva la Vida as much as the previous albums. I was completely charmed by the romantically poetic lyrics, especially “42”, “Lost?”, “Lovers in Japan” and “Viva la Vida”. This album plunges into a more eclectic direction with compositionally daring instrumental sequences paired with interesting melodies that feel more artistically charged and risky. What a great night.

Coldplay Track List for July 14th, 2008 in Los Angeles:

Life in Technicolor / Violet Hill / Clocks / In My Place / Viva la Vida / 42 / Yes / The Scientist / Chinese Sleep Chant / God Put a Smile Upon Your Face / Square One / Speed of Sound / Trouble / Lost / Strawberry Swing / Yellow / Death Will Never Conquer / I’ll Fix You / Lovers in Japan > Reign of Love. Encore: Death and All His Friends

Coldplay rocked the Forum! art