Launch of

Launch of art
I’ve been meaning to splinter into a couple sites all year, and I finally did it! There were just too many peices of work together under one roof! Now my paintings and illustrations are located on one site and all my design on another:

Check it out!

Featured on Twenty2wo

Featured on Twenty2wo art
I was recently featured on the art blog & magazine Twenty2wo.

Swimming with Fishes

Swimming with Fishes art
Gayle Wheatley, Colored Pencil in a Moleskine Journal

Yes We Did!

Today is a beautiful day, and the sun is back after such a long night.
We did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [gasp!]
And with that, we are a new America. Everything has changed. BARACK OBAMA is the president elect and for the first time ever we have a minority in the highest office! This is so incredible and for those of us with immigrant roots and minority backgrounds, it’s truly inspirational!! I am so happy and so excited for the great things to come!

Yes We Did! art