Winding Roots
Winding Roots art

Gayle Wheatley
Watercolor on Paper
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Ancient Chemistry

Ancient Chemistry art

Gayle Wheatley, Watercolor on Paper

Malibu Artist Reception!

Malibu Artist Reception!  art
Gayle Wheatley at the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art

This years art exhibit was a big success! Got to show a collection of my watercolors from Iceland, along with the poems they were based on. It was my first time exhibiting poetry, which was a little intimidating, but the outcome was extremely rewarding! Keep your eyes peeled for my book with the full collection of my Iceland Abstracted paintings and poems, coming out later this year. Much thanks to all those who made the trip out to Malibu!! -Gayle

Malibu Artist Reception!  art
Gayle Wheatley & Tyson Wintibaugh—the phenomenal artist and writer.
Malibu Artist Reception!  art
Gayle Wheatley & Joe Piasentin—a truly amazing artist.
Malibu Artist Reception!  art
The Reception!

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Malibu Artist Reception!  art