My Favorite Night Shot from Hong Kong’s Peak, so far

My Favorite Night Shot from Hong Kongs Peak, so far art
I’m still going through all the photos from my trip to China…seems I fell into a total photography frenzy and took roughly 10,000 photos. (shame) But in my defense, I was there for a month…

Anyway, after years of reading and studying about Chinese art, history, culture, religion, and language, I finally made it to all the places I’ve always dreamed of seeing! Traveling to 5 cities in 4 weeks, the trip was a whirlwind of adventure full of gourmet delicacies, temples and palaces, visiting friends and relatives, and travel writing.

Highlights? Well, in HONG KONG, I had some of the best meals of my life! I also spent quality time with family, went to the famous bun festival, had my fortune read at a local temple, sipped afternoon tea at the Peninsula, bet at the horse races, bargained like crazy at the Temple Street Night Market, paid a second visit to the Big Buddha on Lantau island, had dinner on the Peak, got stuck in a tropical storm at Stanley beach, shopped until my feet hurt, and took a side trip to MACAU. Flew to BEIJING and hiked an un-touristy stretch of the GREAT WALL. Was awestruck by the massive Forbidden City. Saw the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, and a Beijing opera. Went to the World Fair in SHANGHAI, strolled along The Bund, and caught a train to picturesque HANGZHOU to explore the famous lake of Chinese lore. All in all, it was a fantastic trip full of wonderful experiences.

When I get through the photos, one day, I’ll show off some more of them! —G

Lunch and Light Drawing @ Bodega

Lunch and Light Drawing @ Bodega art
I love eating! And I love drawing my food. I am kind of a freak about it. Must run in the family because my sis is the same way! She runs the food blog, eat | food | yum, by the way. Together we are food-documenting fiends. These sketches resulted from my portion of our lunch together.
Lunch and Light Drawing @ Bodega art
For lunch?

served with corn and black bean salsa, jalapenos, cheese and a side of salsa

Smoked Salmon
capers, red onions, and goat cheese

Brownie (really a rich, fudgy cake)
with berry sauce, whipped cream and fresh berries

and….the best beer I’ve ever had—it was a pumpkin beer!!! Yum.

Lunch and Light Drawing @ Bodega art