Night Terrors Published on!

Night Terrors Published on! art

I was very excited to see that the kindle edition of Night Terrors, by Larenda Roberts, is now available on!!!

Check it out here:

Final Painted Book Cover Art

Final Painted Book Cover Art art
Here’s the finished cover art for the novel Night Terrors! It was one of the first illustrations I’ve done as an oil painting, and I definitely felt like it was a big success. I’ve been struggling with different methods for illustration projects lately, experimenting with everything from digital vector illustrations to digitally painted art to hand-painted watercolors. But I have to say painting in oils still seems to work best for me, even though it’s not really the most practical or streamlined approach for commissioned illustrations.

Below are some process photos taken over the duration of the project:
Final Painted Book Cover Art art

Final Painted Book Cover Art art