Stalactite Heartbeat
Stalactite Heartbeat art

“Stalactite Heartbeat” by Gayle Wheatley
Acrylic on Canvas (Crystals on the Moon Collection)

Cactus Cake

Cactus Cake art

“Cactus Cake”
Watercolor on Paper by Gayle Wheatley

This funky little cake was inspired by a real-life mini cake I ate at Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid. No, it didn’t have a cactus with eyes on it, a river, a mushroom or a road on it. But it was pink and it did have both red and green gumdrops on top. The rest I invented, and thus you have the “Cactus Cake”!

España art

“España” (Click Here to Buy the Print!)
watercolor on paper by Gayle Wheatley

This watercolor was inspired by the modern Spanish artists whose work I saw in the Reina Sofia Musem of Art in Madrid.

I’ve Just Been Named “Cool Girl” of the Month!
Ive Just Been Named Cool Girl of the Month! art

Sock It To Me, a company that sells cool artist-designed socks featuring cupcakes, ninjas, unicorns and more fun stuff, has just published an interview about my life as an artist!

“When she’s not traveling, eating exotic delicacies, playing her pineapple ukulele, drawing space ninjas, or practicing the martial art of Jeet Kune Do, Gayle sets out on individual artistic missions. ‘I’ve pushed boundaries with my creative goals,’ she says. ‘One year I challenged myself to paint 100 paintings in under a year. I reached my goal in just ten months and have been painting up a storm ever since.’ She credits those months with spurring a ton of personal growth, as her ambitious painting schedule forced her to overcome many of her weaknesses and to explore her strengths as a painter.”


Ive Just Been Named Cool Girl of the Month! art