Wanderlust: My Great Big Around-the-World Trip
Wanderlust: My Great Big Around the World Trip art
Church entrance, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin.

You may have noticed I haven’t posted here for a little while. The reason being I’ve been swept up in some enormous changes lately: over the course of the last week, I quit my job, packed up my condo, moved out of L.A., and boarded a flight to Dublin, Ireland. Yes, IRELAND!!

You may wonder what I’m doing here? Over the next year, I’m going to be traveling the world, doing travel writing and creating art as I go! I’m in Ireland on assignment for Tourism Ireland, Examiner.com, and my online magazine Culture Vixen. From Ireland I’ll continue through Scandinavia then criss-cross Europe, later heading to other continents.

So look for travel-inspired art on this blog from here on. I’ll also be posting photos from the road and doing a bulk of my travel blogging at CultureVixen.com. If you’d like to follow along you can subscribe to the Culture Vixen RSS or sign up for the Culture Vixen Newsletter (delivered 2-5x a week as new posts go up).

So excited!!

Signing off for the night from Ireland,

Wanderlust: My Great Big Around the World Trip art