Norwegian Strawberry Soup
Norwegian Strawberry Soup art

Isn’t this the most beautiful dish? It’s “Ice-cold strawberry soup with solidified sour milk pudding” from Lom, Norway. Read more about the full Norwegian feast at

Hello from Tallinn, Estonia!
Hello from Tallinn, Estonia! art

It’s day 34 of my around the world trip (wow!) and I find myself in Tallinn, Estonia today. It’s been a fun and varied mix of cities and sights so far, and I feel lucky to have been able to see so much in such a short amount of time! The itinerary has been pretty fast-paced, and has kept me busy, (hence the gap in this blog) but I’m ready to slow things down and luxuriate a little bit in the next city: Helsinki, Finland!

Here’s where I’ve travelled so far:


-Dublin (Read all about it on Culture Vixen)
-Wicklow Mountains & Glendalough
-Ring of Kerry & Kinsale
-Spanish Point & Miltown Malbay
-Cliffs of Moher
-Galway City


-Oslo (Read all about it on Culture Vixen)
-Nigardsbreen Glacier





Can’t wait to see what Helsinki will be like!

Hello from Tallinn, Estonia! art