Roman Slumber

This week’s Illustration Friday challenge was to illustrate the topic LATE. There is a contemporary cafe in Rome with a full wall of sculptures positioned behind the tables for ambiance. I’m sure this is nothing special to Romans, but of course for someone from LA, where things are mostly all modern, stunning details like this conjure up a dreamy sense of history. I wanted this composition to feel as if it was pulled from an ancient Roman night, or better yet, maybe a dream involving Michelangelo.

So for the topic LATE, I thought of dozing Roman sculptures under a big Italian moon.
Roman Slumber art

Robo-Kitty with Fish Hand Upgrades

Robo Kitty with Fish Hand Upgrades art
Graphite on Paper
Inspirations: Friday! + space suits and robot drawings

Africa meets Japan

Africa meets Japan art
On-the-go quick sketch, graphite on paper
Inspirations: kimonos, maple leaves & memories of Kyoto in the fall, Polynesian tattoos, sitting in the sun

Baby Pod Sketch

Baby Pod Sketch art
Well, it’s been a bit longer than I like to go without posting…so I decided to post one of my sketches. It illustrates the Illustration Friday topic “BABY” from a couple weeks back. The baby in utero is visible to the outside world through a window, similar to a submarine window, or a space bubble on an astronaut’s head. Keeping with the space theme, baby and mother stand outside a baby pod–an incubator of sorts that is a cute abode and a birthing station that doubles as a rocket. This image was inspired by the birth of beautiful baby Olive Radford!

Coming up next: I have a few projects in the works currently…a couple magazine illustrations, and a painting that will be the start of a new series I’m working on that will feature abstracted far away locations.

Wilderness Girl

Wilderness Girl art
Illustration Friday: Primitive
Sketch on paper for now…this week has been too crazy, but the finished colored illustration is coming soon!

12 Drummers drumming

12 Drummers drumming art

11 Pipers piping

11 Pipers piping art

10 Lords a-leaping

10 Lords a leaping art

9 Ladies dancing

9 Ladies dancing art

8 Maids a-milking

8 Maids a milking art

7 Swans a-swimming

7 Swans a swimming art

6 Geese a-laying

6 Geese a laying art

6 Geese a laying art