Patagonia: Seeing Turquoise Along Ruta 40
Patagonia: Seeing Turquoise Along Ruta 40 art
Painted along Argentina’s classic road trip route: Ruta 40.

One of the most striking things about Patagonia are the vibrant contrasts of colors out in the middle of nowhere. In a sea of golden grasses with nothing as far as the eye can see, you’ll suddenly come across a bright turquoise body of water. This is inevitable in Patagonia. And I must mention how blue the sky is down there, it’s blinding blue and often filled with huge fluffy clouds. With such a restrained color palate, you are always caught off guard when the landscape suddenly explodes into color.

Patagonia: The Fitz Roy Mountains, and Glaciers
Patagonia: The Fitz Roy Mountains, and Glaciers art
Cerro Fitz Roy, painted near El Chaltén, Patagonia, Argentina.

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares is stunning. This enormous park is filled with glaciers, mountain peaks that hug the clouds, and short trees with scraggly branches. I loved how the landscape tended to change dramatically: one minute you would be hiking along a cliff overlooking a river, the next you’d be immersed deep in a bright green forest. Further along would be a beach with windswept trees, then a plateau, then a corridor of funny little trees peppered with wildflowers and adorned with bulbous bunches of hairy fluorescent green moss balls (a form of mistletoe). I can’t begin to describe how incredibly wonderful the landscapes are in Patagonia.

This watercolor was done at a mirador viewpoint overlooking the Fitz Roy mountain range. Glaciers tumbled down from between the peaks and an endless expanse of short scraggly trees stretched out toward the mountains.

Pizza, Gelato, Panini and More in Florence, Italy
Pizza, Gelato, Panini and More in Florence, Italy art

Check out my guide to eating in Florence and discover the city’s best gelaterie too!

Culture Vixen: Mangiamo! Great Places to Eat in Florence Italy (Part 2 of 3)

Finestra, Lucca
Finestra, Lucca art

I had heard great things about Lucca, a Tuscan fortress city surrounded by medieval walls near Pisa, Italy. The city was as charming as I was expecting to be, and had a great small town flavor.

One small detail I noticed right away were the windows. In Florence they are all rectangular for the most part. But here in Lucca, they were all rounded at the tops. I love Italian windows, almost always comprised of green shutters on yellow unwashed walls. (This one was no exception.)

Specs: Pen & Ink on Moleskine sketchbook, 10 minutes.

Varenna Sunset
Varenna Sunset art

“Varenna Sunset”
by Gayle Wheatley
Watercolor on Paper
5 x 8 inches

This piece was painted on location in Varenna, Italy. My hotel room had a balcony that opened right onto Lake Como, with spectacular views over the water! This watercolor was inspired by the subtle ways the light danced across the water at sunset.

Prints, cards, and more featuring this piece are available in my online store!

The All New GayleMail Newsletter
The All New GayleMail Newsletter art

It’s finally here: the restyled, super-fun, snazzy, one-of-a-kind  GayleMail artist newsletter! Newsletter subscribers will get weekly GayleMail updates packed with all the latest artwork, news, and adventures, as well as sales and giveaways, exclusive invites to art exhibits and much more! So what are you waiting for? Sign up HERE.

Sculptural Abstractions
Sculptural Abstractions art

So, Munky King makes a DIY ‘Omi’ that is a cross between art and toys. Inspired by Chinese opera and Japanese Oni masks, they come packaged as blinds in different blank white shapes.

Sculptural Abstractions art

I decided to turn mine into a sculptural version of one of my abstract paintings. Primary inspirations? The sea & the human circulatory system.

Sculptural Abstractions art

I have to say it was kinda cool working in 3-D since I do that so rarely (pretty much never, really).

Sculptural Abstractions art

Galactic Blush
Galactic Blush art

“Galactic Blush” by Gayle Wheatley.
This painting is available as an art print. BUY IT NOW!
Watercolor on Paper
(Crystals on the Moon Collection)

Song Burst
Song Burst art

“Song Burst” by Gayle Wheatley. (Watercolor on Paper)

Stalactite Heartbeat
Stalactite Heartbeat art

“Stalactite Heartbeat” by Gayle Wheatley
Acrylic on Canvas (Crystals on the Moon Collection)

Cactus Cake

Cactus Cake art

“Cactus Cake”
Watercolor on Paper by Gayle Wheatley

This funky little cake was inspired by a real-life mini cake I ate at Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid. No, it didn’t have a cactus with eyes on it, a river, a mushroom or a road on it. But it was pink and it did have both red and green gumdrops on top. The rest I invented, and thus you have the “Cactus Cake”!

I’ve Just Been Named “Cool Girl” of the Month!
Ive Just Been Named Cool Girl of the Month! art

Sock It To Me, a company that sells cool artist-designed socks featuring cupcakes, ninjas, unicorns and more fun stuff, has just published an interview about my life as an artist!

“When she’s not traveling, eating exotic delicacies, playing her pineapple ukulele, drawing space ninjas, or practicing the martial art of Jeet Kune Do, Gayle sets out on individual artistic missions. ‘I’ve pushed boundaries with my creative goals,’ she says. ‘One year I challenged myself to paint 100 paintings in under a year. I reached my goal in just ten months and have been painting up a storm ever since.’ She credits those months with spurring a ton of personal growth, as her ambitious painting schedule forced her to overcome many of her weaknesses and to explore her strengths as a painter.”


Ive Just Been Named Cool Girl of the Month! art