Life is Grape!
Life is Grape! art

Haven’t done a digital illustration for such a long time, but I absolutely had to get this one up, since it’s for our new t-shirt line, Wish Me Monsters. I wanted to start wearing it ASAP, so it’s up now in the store. You can buy prints with varying backgrounds, as well as tees, tanks, and all sorts of apparel. Life is Grape, isn’t it?!? See more at

New Illustration: Loco Motion

New Illustration: Loco Motion art
This is a new illustration I just did for Pepperdine University. They were looking for an Art Deco-inspired image to carry though a graphic identity package for a professional development course. I came up with this concept of an abstract locomotion, symbolizing progress while using motion to hint at forward-thinking ideals.

The image is overlaid with train symbology—from the train tracks horizontally crossing the center of the illustration, to the puff of steam in the top left corner, as well as the circle shapes (indicative of old train cars viewed head-on), and the beams scattered throughout—geometrically suggesting headlights and rail tracks.

I was striving for an energized, spirited vibe with this illustration, and also ended up graphically incorporating a stained-glass feel that ties in with the iconic stained glass chapel windows set above the ocean on campus.

More Songfest Illustrations

More Songfest Illustrations art

For Pepperdine University’s production of Songfest 2010, I illustrated a whole suite of design materials, from 200 foot banners, to  postcards, posters, and website images. I also drew small illustrations for the program brochure, depicting each performance, as compiled above.

The show opens tonight and runs through the 20th:

Tuesday, March 16 – Friday, March 19, 7:30p.m.
Saturday, March 20, 2:00 and 7:30 p.m.

For tickets contact the Smothers Theatre Box Office at 310-506-4522.

More Songfest Illustrations art

New Illustration for Pepperdine University

New Illustration for Pepperdine University art
Gayle Wheatley, digital
Just finished a new illustration for Pepperdine University’s production of Songfest—a musical extravaganza. This year’s theme is History in the Making, so I drew a Mayan-inspired temple with hand-drawn type that is being hoisted up in place—literally depicting history in the making! The illustration was sketched in pencil, inked over, then colored digitally in Photoshop with overlay layers of paper textures to create an old world vibe.

Wedding Venues and Services Magazine Illustration

Wedding Venues and Services Magazine Illustration art

Wedding Venues & Services magazine, published in the United Kingdom, will be featuring an wedding illustration of mine with one of their feature stories in their next issue! More to come later…

Holiday Card for Southern Bride Magazine

Holiday Card for Southern Bride Magazine art
Gayle Wheatley, digital

I had the opportunity to create this festive card for Southern Bride magazine this season. I had been playing around with sketches for my own holiday card featuring a girl in a candy cane dreamland, and thought this wonderland would be beautiful with a happy bride in her gown and veil, decked out in diamonds, with diamond snow drops falling all around her. This is how it all turned out!

Latest Magazine Illustration

Latest Magazine Illustration art
This one was done for Colleague magazine, illustrating a story about women in leadership roles in education. It was drawn out in pencil first, then digitally taken into Illustrator.

Close up shots of the luscious ladies:
Latest Magazine Illustration art

Latest Magazine Illustration art

Latest Magazine Illustration art

Kartika Review features my latest illustration

Kartika Review features my latest illustration artThis year my custom illustrated holiday card was spotted by the editors at Kartika Review…who liked it so much they contacted me about featuring it with their publication…so all holiday visitors to their site were greeted with my illustrated card Kartika Review features my latest illustration art

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!! art
I finally completed my illustrated version of the twelve days of Christmas! The project got a bit out of hand with all the detail work….but at least I was able to get it finished before Christmas! Click on main image to get a close up look at the illustration. Have a very happy holiday!! Merry Christmas!! art
Here are some close-ups…

Merry Christmas!! art
Merry Christmas!! art
Merry Christmas!! art
Merry Christmas!! art

Sexy Juice

Sexy Juice art

New Magazine Illustration

New Magazine Illustration art
I’m finally done with my latest illustration! This wedding illustration will accompany a wedding planners memoir that will highlight the best wedding moments of the year. It will be published in Southern Bride Magazine this fall.

Love Atop a Mountain
Love Atop a Mountain art
Love Atop a Mountain art

This happy bride and groom wedding illustration was created for a wedding announcement & save the date mailing…congrats to Anne and Mike!

Love Atop a Mountain art