I’ve Just Been Named “Cool Girl” of the Month!
Ive Just Been Named Cool Girl of the Month! art

Sock It To Me, a company that sells cool artist-designed socks featuring cupcakes, ninjas, unicorns and more fun stuff, has just published an interview about my life as an artist!

“When she’s not traveling, eating exotic delicacies, playing her pineapple ukulele, drawing space ninjas, or practicing the martial art of Jeet Kune Do, Gayle sets out on individual artistic missions. ‘I’ve pushed boundaries with my creative goals,’ she says. ‘One year I challenged myself to paint 100 paintings in under a year. I reached my goal in just ten months and have been painting up a storm ever since.’ She credits those months with spurring a ton of personal growth, as her ambitious painting schedule forced her to overcome many of her weaknesses and to explore her strengths as a painter.”


Malibu Museum Exhibit

Malibu Museum Exhibit art
Here are some photos from my latest art exhibit at the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art in Malibu, California!! Expanding on last year’s Iceland Abstracted painting series, this year I wanted to bring my paintings back to canvas. Translating my ideas into paint was surprising simpler than I anticipated. Voilà! My paintings Milk Cocoon, Steam Castles, and Cascade were all unveiled for the first time at the show, fresh off the easel! Yes, I was painting way too late into the night than preferred to get everything ready for the show. And yes, not all the paintings were dry in time either. (yikes!) But isn’t that the beauty of painting? I say yes.
Malibu Museum Exhibit artMalibu Museum Exhibit artMalibu Museum Exhibit artMalibu Museum Exhibit artMalibu Museum Exhibit artMalibu Museum Exhibit art

Artwork Featured on Sweet Station!
Artwork Featured on Sweet Station! art
Sweet Station is an art blog that features painting, illustration, advertising, photography, product design, architecture, installation design, graphic arts and more. And this morning there was a feature about my artwork!

Visit sweet-station.com directly to view it.

Monster Sushi Art Featured on SustainableSushi.net

Monster Sushi Art Featured on SustainableSushi.net art

Sushi, sushi, sushi…can’t get enough of it? Then you’ve gotta check out SustainableSushi.net, run by the talented Casson Trenor, who also has a book out that serves as a guide to sustainable sushi and keeping ourselves and our oceans healthy. Casson recently featured me and my artwork on his site, and I was very flattered to read all the wonderful things he said about me!

“Gayle Wheatley is a well-known artist based in the Los Angeles area. She is supremely talented and works in an impressive array of media, including oil on canvas, illustration, and graphic design. Her work is displayed in numerous exhibitions and galleries around the world, and much of it has been snapped up by art collectors who lamentably discovered her before I did.

Gayle spent two years living in Japan, and I’m guessing that this is at least part of what has inspired her to use sushi imagery in her work. What interests me about Gayle’s art is her uncanny ability to depict the connection between sushi and life…

…Gayle has managed to use sushi to portray these undersea organisms as the vivacious, mysterious, beating-heart marvels that they are. Her vibrant, almost monstrous depictions of the animals “behind the sushi” strikes a chord with me. Salmon roe sport teeth, similar to those they would have developed had they been allowed to hatch and mature. A clutch of eels writhe and squirm against a nori yoke, struggling mightily to escape a hackneyed kabeyaki fate. Cold- or warm-blooded, exo- or endo-skeletal, shelled or scaled, pelagic or benthic… it makes no difference. Gayle’s work ably demonstrates that all of the ocean’s inhabitants merit our reverence, as does the amazingly complex ecosystem that they compose.”

To read the full story, click here:


Thanks Casson!

Monster Sushi Art Featured on SustainableSushi.net art
Monster Sushi Art Featured on SustainableSushi.net art

Featured on Twenty2wo

Featured on Twenty2wo art
I was recently featured on the art blog & magazine Twenty2wo.

Weisman Art Exhibit, Reception Today

Weisman Art Exhibit, Reception Today art
My art is up in the Weisman museum, and there have been a steady stream of visitors thus far! Today is the artist reception, and I just came across the press release for the exhibit:

New Exhibit Opens at the Weisman Museum

Portfolio of Creative Work, a new exhibit featuring drawings, paintings, and photography from members of the Pepperdine Public Affairs team, will be on display at the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art Wednesday, Apr. 30, through Friday, May 2.

The Pepperdine community and general public are invited to meet the artists at a reception on Thursday, May 1, from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Gregg G. Juarez Palm Courtyard adjacent to the museum.

The exhibit showcases works of art from 10 members of the Public Affairs team. Featured artists include Maz Ameli, graphic designer; Jerry Derloshon, director of Public Relations and News; Rick Gibson, associate vice president for public affairs; Allen Haren, multimedia producer/broadcast engineer; Lyric Hassler, senior public relations advisor; Keith Lungwitz, senior art director; Matthew Midura, executive director of University Communications; Brett Sizemore, director of Creative Services; Gayle Wheatley, art director; and Vincent Way, manager of Editorial Services.

“The featured works in this exhibit range from rich photography to rendered illustration to engaging canvases, demonstrating a wide range of artistic prowess among the Public Affairs team,” Sizemore said. “We are very proud to have this opportunity to exhibit in such a prestigious venue as the Weisman.”

The Weisman Museum, located on the University’s Malibu campus, is open Tuesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and is closed on Mondays and major holidays. There is no admission charge. For more information on this show and upcoming exhibits, please call (310) 506-4851 or visit the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art Web site.

Featured Artist in Kartika Review

Featured Artist in Kartika Review art
I was recently contacted by Kartika Review to be a featured artist for
their magazine’s inaugural December issue. They’ve included six of my
paintings, my artist statement and my artist’s biography in their winter
issue! Check it out by visiting their website: kartikareview.com.

Featured Artist in Kartika Review art