Bubble Pods

Bubble Pods art

Watercolor on Paper

This painting deals more with the internal self, and the body’s symbolic mysteries and organics under the skin…

Golf Island

Golf Island art

Watercolor on Paper (Private Collection)

Beautiful Grim in the Forest

Beautiful Grim in the Forest art

Watercolor on Paper

I’m a participating artist in the upcoming Beautiful Grim charity art show that will be held in San Francisco this spring to benefit cancer. I’ll need to turn in a digital image of my final painting in just 3 weeks, so I am currently visually brainstorming ideas. This watercolor represents one of my first ideas: a brilliant spark of warmth and light in the midst of a canopy of towering walls that encircle everything. I’m not sure if I’ll continue with this theme, but will probably be doing some more watercolor studies over the next week before beginning on the final art.


Firenze art

Watercolor on Paper


Untitled art

Watercolor on Paper

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! art

Gayle Wheatley, “Twizzle and Fizz”, Watercolor on Paper

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! art

Gayle Wheatley, “Holiday Flowing Wreath”, Watercolor on Paper

Winter Crawl

Winter Crawl art

Gayle Wheatley, Watercolor on Paper

Sticky Maze

Sticky Maze art

Gayle Wheatley, Watercolor on Paper

Technicolor Veins

Technicolor Veins art

Gayle Wheatley, Watercolor on Paper

Earth Lantern

Earth Lantern art

Watercolor on Paper

The Flowering

The Flowering art

Gayle Wheatley, Iceland Abstracted, Watercolor on Paper (private collection)
The Flowering art