Patagonia: The Fitz Roy Mountains, and Glaciers
Patagonia: The Fitz Roy Mountains, and Glaciers art
Cerro Fitz Roy, painted near El Chaltén, Patagonia, Argentina.

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares is stunning. This enormous park is filled with glaciers, mountain peaks that hug the clouds, and short trees with scraggly branches. I loved how the landscape tended to change dramatically: one minute you would be hiking along a cliff overlooking a river, the next you’d be immersed deep in a bright green forest. Further along would be a beach with windswept trees, then a plateau, then a corridor of funny little trees peppered with wildflowers and adorned with bulbous bunches of hairy fluorescent green moss balls (a form of mistletoe). I can’t begin to describe how incredibly wonderful the landscapes are in Patagonia.

This watercolor was done at a mirador viewpoint overlooking the Fitz Roy mountain range. Glaciers tumbled down from between the peaks and an endless expanse of short scraggly trees stretched out toward the mountains.

Doodling in Stockholm
Doodling in Stockholm art
Doodling in Stockholm art

Stockholm is perfect for wandering and sketching. These were done in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town district.

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Urban Sketching in Bratislava, Slovakia
Urban Sketching in Bratislava, Slovakia art

Stará radnica, the old town hall, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Bergen City Sketch
Bergen City Sketch art

Happy New Year!
Here’s a page from my sketchbook, from Bergen, Norway.

Sketching in Helsinki!
Sketching in Helsinki! art

These sketches come from lovely Helsinki, Finland!

I’ve been wanting to visit Helsinki for a while, and took the long route through Scandinavia to arrive here (traveling all throughout Norway, then into Sweden, before boarding a boat from Stockholm to Tallinn, Estonia, and finally taking a ferry over to Helsinki, where I got an apartment and stayed for a bit. I love the vibe of Helsinki—it’s very artistic and designy, and completely inspirational.

Sketches from the Puppet Museum in Tallinn, Estonia
Sketches from the Puppet Museum in Tallinn, Estonia art
Sketches from the Puppet Museum in Tallinn, Estonia art

Happy December!! I’ve finally had a minute on this wild tour of Europe to scan in a couple pages from my sketchbook! I was very inspired by the elaborate puppets at the Estonian Museum of Puppet Arts, which had not just puppets, but a puppet making workshop, artisan studios, and a puppet theater with really cool live performances.

You can also see photos from the puppet museum here, and read all about Tallinn here.

Getting Icy in Stockholm
Getting Icy in Stockholm art
Tyson & Gayle enjoying the Icebar!

The Icebar in Stockholm is a super cool way to spend a frosty evening in the city. This fancy bar is cooled to -5 degrees Celsius, and you can order nordic themed drinks in ice glasses. My personal favorites were “Husky Sledge” (Absolut vanilla with cinnamon and apple) and “Northern Light” (Absolut Raspberry, creme de cassis lime and raspberry puree).

Read more about it at

Getting Icy in Stockholm art

Chillin’ in Bergen, Norway
Chillin in Bergen, Norway art

We finished our tour of Norway in Bergen, the gateway to Norway’s fjord country, and also the second largest city in Norway. Unlike cosmopolitan Oslo with its glittering skyscrapers, Bergen manages to maintain a small-town vibe with its colorful old-style buildings and bustling seafront harbor.

Chillin in Bergen, Norway art

Climbing Nigardsbreen Glacier in Norway
Climbing Nigardsbreen Glacier in Norway art

I climbed a glacier!

Norway’s Nigardsbreen glacier in Jostedalen National Park to be exact. Yep, I actually strapped crampons to my hiking boots, grabbed a ice axe and harnessed myself to a team of fellow climbers before setting out to trek on the glacier, in rain none-the-less. It was a little more hard-core than I was prepared for, but was definitely an exhilarating experience! (Later on when I was thinking about the waiver I had to sign, it dawned on me that my travel insurance specifically excludes extreme sports. Their definition of extreme is pretty tame and includes kayaking and horseback riding, so this was definitely not covered. Good thing I didn’t think about that before the climb!)

Climbing Nigardsbreen Glacier in Norway art

Norwegian Strawberry Soup
Norwegian Strawberry Soup art

Isn’t this the most beautiful dish? It’s “Ice-cold strawberry soup with solidified sour milk pudding” from Lom, Norway. Read more about the full Norwegian feast at

Hello from Tallinn, Estonia!
Hello from Tallinn, Estonia! art

It’s day 34 of my around the world trip (wow!) and I find myself in Tallinn, Estonia today. It’s been a fun and varied mix of cities and sights so far, and I feel lucky to have been able to see so much in such a short amount of time! The itinerary has been pretty fast-paced, and has kept me busy, (hence the gap in this blog) but I’m ready to slow things down and luxuriate a little bit in the next city: Helsinki, Finland!

Here’s where I’ve travelled so far:


-Dublin (Read all about it on Culture Vixen)
-Wicklow Mountains & Glendalough
-Ring of Kerry & Kinsale
-Spanish Point & Miltown Malbay
-Cliffs of Moher
-Galway City


-Oslo (Read all about it on Culture Vixen)
-Nigardsbreen Glacier





Can’t wait to see what Helsinki will be like!

Hello from Tallinn, Estonia! art