My First Tattoo Design
My First Tattoo Design art

Here’s my first translation of art into tattoo form! I was honored to be a part of the design behind this beautiful tattoo for Anne Jansen.

Sketching in Helsinki!
Sketching in Helsinki! art

These sketches come from lovely Helsinki, Finland!

I’ve been wanting to visit Helsinki for a while, and took the long route through Scandinavia to arrive here (traveling all throughout Norway, then into Sweden, before boarding a boat from Stockholm to Tallinn, Estonia, and finally taking a ferry over to Helsinki, where I got an apartment and stayed for a bit. I love the vibe of Helsinki—it’s very artistic and designy, and completely inspirational.


Space Fashionista Sketch

Space Fashionista Sketch art
Fashion and space, two of my very favorite things! I drew this while I was in a sci-fi frenzy, reading Orson Scott Card novels and having just watched Caprica. Anyway, I love creating space worlds and creatures because there are absolutely no restrictions! I haven’t decided yet if I’ll color this with watercolors or digitally….hum…
(graphite on watercolor paper)

Sweet Stuff, Grrrr!

Sweet Stuff, Grrrr! art

(Colored Pencils on Paper)

Wow, this is a weekend of holidays! It’s Chinese New Year this Sunday!!! Yay for the year of the Tiger! It’s also Valentine’s Day, then President’s Day, then Mardi Gras…and the Winter Olympics just kicked off! What a blast of fun! So, have a Happy Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, President’s Day and Mardi Gras everyone!


Martini art
Character illustration for the upcoming novel The Origami Oracle.
Gayle Wheatley, watercolor on paper

Inspirations: the real-life cat Martini (who is gloriously hypo-allergenic, and so sweet), The Origami Oracle (of course!), retro cartooning and watching the movie Coraline in 3D and at the magical Arlington theater in Santa Barbara.

Blow Fish

Blow Fish art
(Gayle Wheatley, watercolor on paper)

Queen B

Queen B art
(Gayle Wheatley, watercolor on paper)

Poo Bear

Poo Bear art
(Gayle Wheatley, watercolor on paper)


Birdie art
My first illustration of 2009! yay! (watercolor on paper)

Robo-Kitty with Fish Hand Upgrades

Robo Kitty with Fish Hand Upgrades art
Graphite on Paper
Inspirations: Friday! + space suits and robot drawings

Electric Love

Electric Love art

Watercolor on Paper, 5″ x 7″


Whalee! art
Oil on Canvas, 9″ x 12″
(t-shirt character design)

Whalee! art