Doodling in Stockholm
Doodling in Stockholm art
Doodling in Stockholm art

Stockholm is perfect for wandering and sketching. These were done in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town district.

Cactus Cake

Cactus Cake art

“Cactus Cake”
Watercolor on Paper by Gayle Wheatley

This funky little cake was inspired by a real-life mini cake I ate at Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid. No, it didn’t have a cactus with eyes on it, a river, a mushroom or a road on it. But it was pink and it did have both red and green gumdrops on top. The rest I invented, and thus you have the “Cactus Cake”!

Lunch and Light Drawing @ Bodega

Lunch and Light Drawing @ Bodega art
I love eating! And I love drawing my food. I am kind of a freak about it. Must run in the family because my sis is the same way! She runs the food blog, eat | food | yum, by the way. Together we are food-documenting fiends. These sketches resulted from my portion of our lunch together.
Lunch and Light Drawing @ Bodega art
For lunch?

served with corn and black bean salsa, jalapenos, cheese and a side of salsa

Smoked Salmon
capers, red onions, and goat cheese

Brownie (really a rich, fudgy cake)
with berry sauce, whipped cream and fresh berries

and….the best beer I’ve ever had—it was a pumpkin beer!!! Yum.

Monster Sushi Art Featured on

Monster Sushi Art Featured on art

Sushi, sushi, sushi…can’t get enough of it? Then you’ve gotta check out, run by the talented Casson Trenor, who also has a book out that serves as a guide to sustainable sushi and keeping ourselves and our oceans healthy. Casson recently featured me and my artwork on his site, and I was very flattered to read all the wonderful things he said about me!

“Gayle Wheatley is a well-known artist based in the Los Angeles area. She is supremely talented and works in an impressive array of media, including oil on canvas, illustration, and graphic design. Her work is displayed in numerous exhibitions and galleries around the world, and much of it has been snapped up by art collectors who lamentably discovered her before I did.

Gayle spent two years living in Japan, and I’m guessing that this is at least part of what has inspired her to use sushi imagery in her work. What interests me about Gayle’s art is her uncanny ability to depict the connection between sushi and life…

…Gayle has managed to use sushi to portray these undersea organisms as the vivacious, mysterious, beating-heart marvels that they are. Her vibrant, almost monstrous depictions of the animals “behind the sushi” strikes a chord with me. Salmon roe sport teeth, similar to those they would have developed had they been allowed to hatch and mature. A clutch of eels writhe and squirm against a nori yoke, struggling mightily to escape a hackneyed kabeyaki fate. Cold- or warm-blooded, exo- or endo-skeletal, shelled or scaled, pelagic or benthic… it makes no difference. Gayle’s work ably demonstrates that all of the ocean’s inhabitants merit our reverence, as does the amazingly complex ecosystem that they compose.”

To read the full story, click here:

Thanks Casson!

Monster Sushi Art Featured on art
Monster Sushi Art Featured on art

Monster Sushi Art Featured on art