NEWSFLASH: Cover Story Published in Blood And Thunder Magazine!
NEWSFLASH: Cover Story Published in Blood And Thunder Magazine! art
Image by Blood and Thunder Magazine.

A while back I attended my first roller derby match and loved it! The event flyer was super catchy and featured a colorful illustration of two skaters facing off. I tracked down the illustrator who turned out to be esteemed storyboard artist Sandra Fame, also known in the derby world as “Tara Armov”.

Well, I interviewed Tara about skating and art, and my full-length interview, “Skating and Drawing, Behind the Scenes with an L.A. Derby Doll,” made it into Blood and Thunder magazine as a featured cover story!!! Wow! The magazine is on newsstands now, and you can also check it out online at

Night Terrors Published on!

Night Terrors Published on! art

I was very excited to see that the kindle edition of Night Terrors, by Larenda Roberts, is now available on!!!

Check it out here:

Final Painted Book Cover Art

Final Painted Book Cover Art art
Here’s the finished cover art for the novel Night Terrors! It was one of the first illustrations I’ve done as an oil painting, and I definitely felt like it was a big success. I’ve been struggling with different methods for illustration projects lately, experimenting with everything from digital vector illustrations to digitally painted art to hand-painted watercolors. But I have to say painting in oils still seems to work best for me, even though it’s not really the most practical or streamlined approach for commissioned illustrations.

Below are some process photos taken over the duration of the project:
Final Painted Book Cover Art art

Book Cover Art

Book Cover Art art
My latest commissioned illustration project is a book cover for the novel Night Terrors, coming out later this year. Set in south Louisiana, it’s a literary gothic story filled with intrigue and romance. My rough sketch features the novel’s beautiful main character, set in a dilapidated plantation home. The whole thing is framed by a giant oak tree, giving the drawing a surreal, dreamy mood.

From this rough sketch I’ll be painting a full-blown painting next for the cover art. Loving this project so far!

Gayle Wheatley | colored pencil and graphite on paper

New Portfolio Artwork

New Portfolio Artwork art

I’ve just finished a massive update of my artist portfolio. Under “paintings,” you’ll find dozens of new images, all organized by series. Plus under “illustrations,” you’ll find an entirely new third page of traditionally rendered illustrations that include some of my favorites—created with either watercolors or colored pencils. Additionally I’ve organized my digital illustrations into categories to make browsing easier. Click here to have a look!

Fun New Illustration in the Works!

Fun New Illustration in the Works! art

I’m currently working on an illustration for Whole Life Times Magazine illustrating an article about healing sessions taking place around Los Angeles that begin with cocktails! It’s been such a fun assignment, getting to draw sophisticated socialites that can float cocktails in the air, have third eyes, and will have glowing auras once I add color! —G

New Illustration: Loco Motion

New Illustration: Loco Motion art
This is a new illustration I just did for Pepperdine University. They were looking for an Art Deco-inspired image to carry though a graphic identity package for a professional development course. I came up with this concept of an abstract locomotion, symbolizing progress while using motion to hint at forward-thinking ideals.

The image is overlaid with train symbology—from the train tracks horizontally crossing the center of the illustration, to the puff of steam in the top left corner, as well as the circle shapes (indicative of old train cars viewed head-on), and the beams scattered throughout—geometrically suggesting headlights and rail tracks.

I was striving for an energized, spirited vibe with this illustration, and also ended up graphically incorporating a stained-glass feel that ties in with the iconic stained glass chapel windows set above the ocean on campus.

More Songfest Illustrations

More Songfest Illustrations art

For Pepperdine University’s production of Songfest 2010, I illustrated a whole suite of design materials, from 200 foot banners, to  postcards, posters, and website images. I also drew small illustrations for the program brochure, depicting each performance, as compiled above.

The show opens tonight and runs through the 20th:

Tuesday, March 16 – Friday, March 19, 7:30p.m.
Saturday, March 20, 2:00 and 7:30 p.m.

For tickets contact the Smothers Theatre Box Office at 310-506-4522.

More Songfest Illustrations art

Monster Sushi Art Featured on

Monster Sushi Art Featured on art

Sushi, sushi, sushi…can’t get enough of it? Then you’ve gotta check out, run by the talented Casson Trenor, who also has a book out that serves as a guide to sustainable sushi and keeping ourselves and our oceans healthy. Casson recently featured me and my artwork on his site, and I was very flattered to read all the wonderful things he said about me!

“Gayle Wheatley is a well-known artist based in the Los Angeles area. She is supremely talented and works in an impressive array of media, including oil on canvas, illustration, and graphic design. Her work is displayed in numerous exhibitions and galleries around the world, and much of it has been snapped up by art collectors who lamentably discovered her before I did.

Gayle spent two years living in Japan, and I’m guessing that this is at least part of what has inspired her to use sushi imagery in her work. What interests me about Gayle’s art is her uncanny ability to depict the connection between sushi and life…

…Gayle has managed to use sushi to portray these undersea organisms as the vivacious, mysterious, beating-heart marvels that they are. Her vibrant, almost monstrous depictions of the animals “behind the sushi” strikes a chord with me. Salmon roe sport teeth, similar to those they would have developed had they been allowed to hatch and mature. A clutch of eels writhe and squirm against a nori yoke, struggling mightily to escape a hackneyed kabeyaki fate. Cold- or warm-blooded, exo- or endo-skeletal, shelled or scaled, pelagic or benthic… it makes no difference. Gayle’s work ably demonstrates that all of the ocean’s inhabitants merit our reverence, as does the amazingly complex ecosystem that they compose.”

To read the full story, click here:

Thanks Casson!

Monster Sushi Art Featured on art
Monster Sushi Art Featured on art

Crab Girl

Crab Girl art
Gayle Wheatley, colored pencil & ink on paper

Inspirations: astrology, Battle Star Gallactica and my sketches from the oceanography section of the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History.

The Green Fairy

The Green Fairy art

Gayle Wheatley, colored pencil & ink on paper

Inspirations: Irish luck + shamrocks, Moulin Rouge + absinthe, Thumbelina + Peter Pan

Antler Girl

Antler Girl art

Gayle Wheatley, Colored Pencil and Ink on Paper
Inspirations: pink lemonade, deer watching in Nara, Japan and Malibu, CA, Native American mythology and “Necromance,” the most interesting store I’ve ever been to in LA…it’s on Melrose and is filled with animal skeletons, amazing taxidermy, antlers, preserved insects, sea creature fossils, teeth & shells, preserved animal bits in jars and all sorts of interesting stuff.

Antler Girl art