Cactus Cake

Cactus Cake art

“Cactus Cake”
Watercolor on Paper by Gayle Wheatley

This funky little cake was inspired by a real-life mini cake I ate at Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid. No, it didn’t have a cactus with eyes on it, a river, a mushroom or a road on it. But it was pink and it did have both red and green gumdrops on top. The rest I invented, and thus you have the “Cactus Cake”!

Featured Writer on CakeSpy

Featured Writer on CakeSpy art

Usually this blog is all about art. But, as some of you may be aware, I got my start in journalism working as an editor and a writer for various magazines and newspapers before I moved into the art and design fields. But I’ve always kept up with my writing, taking on side projects over the years. Recently I’ve started to get more involved with writing again.

I launched the blog late last year, and we’re up and blogging strong with a small team of talented writers. CultureVixen is a stylish insider’s guide to the best of contemporary creative culture, covering art, food, travel, design, style, and entertainment. I also put together a full writer’s website showcasing my writing samples at I’m currently working on integrating all my sites together at the moment, but as you can imagine it’s been super busy, busy, busy!

Then yesterday, I was featured on, named a favorite food blog by and Saveur Magazine, and featured in Sunset magazine. I’ve long had a passion for food, and a soft spot for desserts, so the article on the Danish bakery scene in Solvang, California was just up my alley! I hope you have a chance to check out the new article, and the new sites! Happy Friday!

Featured Writer on CakeSpy art