The Birth of Stars
The Birth of Stars art

Here’s my latest watercolor, “The Birth of Stars”! You can also find the print online in my artist store.

The Birth of Stars art
“The Birth of Stars” (detail)

Patagonia: Seeing Turquoise Along Ruta 40
Patagonia: Seeing Turquoise Along Ruta 40 art
Painted along Argentina’s classic road trip route: Ruta 40.

One of the most striking things about Patagonia are the vibrant contrasts of colors out in the middle of nowhere. In a sea of golden grasses with nothing as far as the eye can see, you’ll suddenly come across a bright turquoise body of water. This is inevitable in Patagonia. And I must mention how blue the sky is down there, it’s blinding blue and often filled with huge fluffy clouds. With such a restrained color palate, you are always caught off guard when the landscape suddenly explodes into color.

Patagonia: The Fitz Roy Mountains, and Glaciers
Patagonia: The Fitz Roy Mountains, and Glaciers art
Cerro Fitz Roy, painted near El Chaltén, Patagonia, Argentina.

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares is stunning. This enormous park is filled with glaciers, mountain peaks that hug the clouds, and short trees with scraggly branches. I loved how the landscape tended to change dramatically: one minute you would be hiking along a cliff overlooking a river, the next you’d be immersed deep in a bright green forest. Further along would be a beach with windswept trees, then a plateau, then a corridor of funny little trees peppered with wildflowers and adorned with bulbous bunches of hairy fluorescent green moss balls (a form of mistletoe). I can’t begin to describe how incredibly wonderful the landscapes are in Patagonia.

This watercolor was done at a mirador viewpoint overlooking the Fitz Roy mountain range. Glaciers tumbled down from between the peaks and an endless expanse of short scraggly trees stretched out toward the mountains.

Lemon Twilight
Lemon Twilight art

Another desert watercolor featuring Zabriskie Point near Furnace Creek in Death Valley National Park.

“Lemon Twilight”
by Gayle Wheatley
Watercolor on Paper

Lemon Twilight art