Selected Clients


"Working with Gayle (Wheatley) Midnight on story illustrations for Whole Life Times was an absolute pleasure. Gayle has the ability to take the kernel of a story idea and flesh it out in an image that not only complements, but enhances the story. A true collaborator, she was able to infuse my verbal suggestions of what the illustration might express with whimsical, imaginative ideas of her own. Her work was professional, creative and spot on."
—Abigail Lewis, Editor in Chief, Whole Life Times
"Gayle is one of the most creative and deadline savvy artists I have worked with. Given the direction, Gayle seamlessly creates an illustration that usually needs little or no redesigning. However, if changes are necessary, Gayle is quick to change gears with a positive attitude. She is every editor's dream illustrator!"
—Sherra Meyers, Editor in Chief, Southern Bride Magazine
"I just love Gayle's work so much so that I bought a small painting of hers 5 years ago. Her paintings are rich in color and texture, leading the observer to joy. Amazing work! You get better and better every year."
—Kathlin Carmean, Art Collector
"I have had the privilege of personally knowing and working with Gayle for several years, and professionally observing her demonstrate her abundant talents, skills, and knowledge...she is an extremely creative and hard working individual. She combines high quality skills with an excellent customer service attitude and an engaging personality...I was very impressed with her honest and straightforward manner and caring nature. I have the greatest respect for her enthusiastic approach to learning and sharing...she is a talented artist with a wide range of interests and abilities. I would absolutely recommend Gayle for any endeavor."
—Ed Wheeler, Director of Web & Multimedia, Pepperdine University
"My husband and I hired Gayle to do an illustration for our wedding invitation. We didn't have a clear idea of what we were looking for, but knew that we wanted it to be playful as well as specific to our wedding site. Gayle produced some lovely sketches in a very short amount of time, and came up with a fun design that captured the essence of our celebration perfectly. Our cards actually arrived a few weeks early, and were a big hit with our family and friends. Gayle's professionalism, creativity, and ability to work with time constraints made her a pleasure to work with. We are both such big fans of Gayle's style that we have since come to own several of her paintings, which adorn our walls and always draw enthusiastic praise from visitors to our home."
—Anne and Mike Jansen, Columbus, OH
"Talented - Creative - Intelligent - Fun... all come to mind when talking about Gayle. I have had the pleasure to work with her on some very complex projects including an awesome 8 color - metal efx job that won several awards. I look forward to any opportunity to work with Gayle and recommend her highly!"
—Don Romine, Senior Account Executive, Impress Communications
"Gayle is very creative and talented. She designed the cover for my first novel, Night Terrors. I am very excited about it and plan to hire her again when I publish my second novel. She understood the surreal concept I wanted to convey and explained carefully everything she was doing. She is extremely gifted and I look forward to continuing our work together."
—Larenda Roberts, novelist, Los Angeles, California
"Gayle is an extremely talented professional whose artistic talents and creativity made every project she worked on distinctive, on-point, and effective. In addition, she is an absolute pleasure to work with -- congneial, positive, enthusiastic. I recommend her highly."
—Jerry Derloshon, Executive Director, Public Relations, Pepperdine University
"Gayle- your sushi art is beautiful and fits the theme of sustainable sushi perfectly. Cheers to your continued success...keep up the inspired work!"
—Mary Radford, Sustainability Expert
"Gayle was delightful to work with. She is very creative and lots of fun, while being supremely professional. Additionally, her work is meticulous---a production manager's dream."
—Jill McWilliams, Production Manager
"Gayle is creative, productive and is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Most importantly she is excellent at multitasking which is a plus in today's working environment wherever you are."
—Ron Hall, Photographer, Los Angeles, California
"Gayle is a gifted and productive artist. She is easy to work with and brings fresh style to each project."
—Chris Stivers, Instructor of Digital Media
"Gayle is an extremely creative and visionary designer. Her style is unique and her influences range from food to music to nature to international experiences. I always enjoyed working along side her on projects as she pushed my creative limits to new levels. On the surface I thought she was just a great artist, but the more I got to know her I was constantly surprised by her multidimensional talents including a very strong technical ability."
—Allen Haren, Multimedia Producer & Photographer
"Gayle is a unique and innovative artist whose creativity moves the hearts of those who view her work. ~ inspired."
—Kelly Asato, Art Collector